Nothing up my sleeve: MacBook Pro complaints

When it comes to Apple, there are no small complaints, only
small minds that do not understand that every small complaint
is another sign of the company’s slide in quality.

Writing for the Forbes contributor network and #1
Caillou fan club homepage on the internet, Ewan Spence
tells us the “2018 MacBook Pro Design Has Made A Mistake.” (Tip
o’ the antlers to Nick.)

Oh, no! Is it the keyboard? Is it USB-C, which is a rather
confusing jumble of capabilities that hasn’t really caught on


Alongside the announcement of the new MacBook Pro machines
earlier this month, Apple also announced the availability of
a new leather MacBook Sleeve.

What is a MacBook Pro if not the expensive sleeve Apple has
made for it that few people will ever buy?

Well, it’s the MacBook Pro itself, is what it is. In other
words, it’s an entirely separate thing than the thing Spence is
here to complain about.

What is his beef against the leather?

You can’t charge your MacBook Pro while it is in the case.

How is this a “mistake” with the MacBook Pro’s design rather
than the sleeve’s design? It’s not, of course, it’s just the
standard implementation of the Forbes contributor network and
animatronic bear jamboree style guide which dictates all
headlines must value being hyperbolic over being accurate. One
might go so far as to say that reading a piece on the Forbes
contributor network and empty promises factory outlet is always
“nasty surprise.”

Spence speculates that it might be due to a concern about the
device overheating while charging in the sleeve, although
that’s not detailed anywhere. For what it’s worth, in his review of a cheaper MacBook Pro leather
sleeve for 9to5Mac
, Ben Lovejoy noted the device “didn’t
seem to get any warmer than usual” while charging inside of it,
and that one had a wool interior.

Given the high price ($180 for the 13-inch sleeve, and $200
for the 15-inch version), this is a curious decision.

If anything, The Macalope feels the price is the problem with
this sleeve, not the lack of charging. Also the fact that this
sleeve has made us read the Forbes contributor network and bin
full of an unidentifiable congealed meat product. That is a
major problem with it.

With thermal issues, poor bug hunting, problematic repair
issues, safety nets removed, what has happened to Apple’s
legendary focus on the user experience?

“Apple never had any problems before” is a much-beloved pundit
falsehood. Those of us who remember things like iBook and PowerBook battery exchange
and cracked white MacBook cases know better.

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