Paragon NTFS for Mac Mojave Edition review: Ready to embrace the dark side

Insert a thumb drive formatted with Microsoft’s venerable FAT
(File Allocation Table) file system into your Mac’s USB port,
and you’ll have no problem reading or writing data to that
volume, as long as those files are under 4GB in size. Likewise,
Microsoft’s newer exFAT (Extended File Allocation Table) works
equally well on macOS, with maximum file sizes that exceed that
of even the most capacious hard drives.

For whatever reason, Apple has chosen to handicap perhaps the
most common file system in use today on Windows PCs. Buy a new
hard drive, and you’ll probably find that media comes
preformatted as NTFS (New Technology File System)-which isn’t a
huge problem unless you need to write data to that

Paragon NTFS for Mac: The missing link

Unbeknownst to many Mac owners, NTFS write support natively
exists deep inside Mac OS X (as well as macOS), requiring a few
Terminal commands to enable. But Apple has never officially
supported this functionality, and with good reason: it’s
glacially slow at best, completely flaky at worst.

Open-source drivers like FUSE make the process easier and more
reliable, but slow data transfer speeds make it not worth the
trouble. That’s why I’ve happily installed NTFS for Mac over the years. Not only does
Paragon’s proprietary driver enable writing to NTFS-formatted
volumes, it does so up to six times faster than the competition
– typically as fast (or faster) than the Mac’s native HFS+ file

paragon ntfs for mac mojave edition app window IDG

It may be designed for cross-platform use with
Windows-formatted storage, but Paragon NTFS for Mac
features a Mojave-friendly user interface designed for
Apple fans.

Last year’s
NTFS for Mac 15
debuted a fresh new look for the popular
utility that made it easier to use, along with a convenient,
optional menu bar app to unmount volumes. More importantly,
version 15 restored the ability to format NTFS disks directly
in Paragon’s own software-functionality which was limited to
Apple’s Disk Utility in version 14. (The latter option also
still works.)

Now Paragon has upgraded NTFS for Mac with full support for the
latest macOS 10.14 Mojave. A free update for owners of NTFS for
Mac 15 (and a mere 20 bucks for new buyers), this so-called
“Mojave Edition” isn’t a completely new version, but rather
improves upon the previous release in a few small ways.

Mojave mojo

With the release of macOS 10.14 Mojave, Mac owners across the
galaxy will be turning to the dark side-that is, toggling on
the new
Dark Mode
in System Preferences. While there are likely to
be more than a few apps at launch yet to be updated in the wake
of Apple’s new “lights out” approach, Paragon NTFS for Mac
won’t be one of them, assuming you update to version 15.3.42 or
later, that is.

paragon ntfs for mac mojave edition menu bar app IDG

Forget about drag and drop—Paragon NTFS for Mac features an
optional menu bar app that makes it a snap to unmount any

Truth be told, NTFS for Mac 15 already offered its own Light or
Dark Mode preference last year, along with the ability to use
the system appearance setting alongside the dark menu bar and
Dock option in macOS 10.13 High Sierra. But this darker look
has been further refined, offering a more satisfying,
Mojave-friendly appearance.

As an application, NTFS for Mac provides a row of buttons that
Unmount, Verify, Erase, or choose the selected disk as a
Startup volume when applicable. Mounted NTFS volumes are
separated into their own category at the top of the sidebar,
where users can enable less frequently-used options like Save
Last Access Time, Enable Spotlight Indexing, Mount in Read-Only
mode, or Do Not Mount Automatically as needed.

Whether you’re a hardcore Boot Camp user or just need to
occasionally write to Windows-formatted media, this update
keeps things working at peak performance long after Apple ships
Mojave to the masses.

paragon ntfs for mac mojave edition format volume IDG

In addition to read/write access, Paragon NTFS for Mac
makes it a snap to format volumes from the main

Bottom line

A no-brainer upgrade for those installing macOS 10.14 Mojave,
Paragon NTFS for Mac remains the best cross-platform utility
money can buy, especially now that it plays nice with Apple’s
new dark mode.

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