Save Over 47% On Keyboard Maestro Macro Master ($19)

The MacBook is one of the handiest tools in a creative’s
arsenal. It allows us to produce stunning videos, edit
high-quality photos, and mix music. However, you’ll soon find
that the keyboard shortcuts required to perform our favorite
functions can be clunky, which ultimately slows your
productivity. With Keyboard Maestro Macro Manager, you can
create your own macros
to increase your productivity for $19.

Keyboard Maestro Macro Manager is an app that allows you to
create additional macros for increased efficiency. You can
either press, release, or press hotkeys multiple times, and
Macro Manager will even register gestures such as plugging in
headphones. Additionally, the Macro Manager features a machine
learning algorithm which will help you select macros more
quickly as you use them.

There are countless ways your new macros can be applied. For
example, you can autocomplete words, sentences, and entire
paragraphs, or automatically open designated folders and
documents with the press of a key.

You can create additional macros for unparalleled creative
control with Keyboard Maestro Macro Manager, which is available in the
Macworld Shop for $19, or 47% off.

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