The 10 Mac games you need to play from July 2018

Clicker Heroes 2 is, as the title
suggests, an idle “clicker”—that is, a simple game that carries
on much of the action itself, and handles everything with
simple clicks of the mouse or touchpad. That might sound
absolutely dull, but when done well (as with
Best Fiends Forever
Cosmos Rings
), the constant, speedy sense of progression
can be weirdly fulfilling and hard to step away from.

The original Clicker Heroes was widely played, but
there’s a big difference this time around: Clicker Heroes
isn’t free-to-play. Still, there’s been a big evolution
in presentation, with gorgeous hand-drawn terrain and cool
creatures to slay. That said, it’s also out in Early Access on Steam, so the game is
currently incomplete and potentially buggy—and between that and
the price, initial user reviews are a bit mixed. You can buy it
on Steam.

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