The throttled MacBook Pro: Discussing the heat problems with Apple’s new laptop

There’s been a lot of talk about the Core i9 processor in the
new MacBook Pro, and not in a good way. YouTuber Dave Lee shared his experience with CPU
throttling on the Core i9 MacBook Pro, and soon after others
shared how they also similar performance hits.

In this video, I talk with Gordon Mah Ung, CPU expert for our
sister publication, PCWorld. We talk about the CPU throttling,
what could be causing it, and what does it mean for users and
anyone thinking about buying a Core i9 laptop.

Regrettably, high-end benchmarking was not part of our review
of the Core i9 MacBook Pro. So we’ve started to run several
benchmarks for ourselves to see what happens when you push the
laptop’s performance.

This story is just getting started. We are developing an Adobe
Premiere test and will share those results, along with our
other official results in other benchmark tests, in an upcoming

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