Upgrade Your Mac’s Toolbar With uBar 4, Now Just $15 (50% Off)

One of Mac OS’s defining features is the convenient dock on the
bottom of your desktop view. However, if you’re a Windows user
transitioning to Mac, or if you just don’t enjoy using the
dock, you may find sifting through apps to be unwieldy.
Luckily, there are numerous options that allow you to replace
your dock. If you’re looking for a well-reviewed dock
replacement, the uBar 4 Toolbar can
be yours for $15.

The uBar 4 Toolbar is a customizable dock replacement tool for
Mac that allows you to find the windows you’re looking for at a
glance. With uBar 4, you can expand up to 5 rows of
applications for easy viewing and pin your favorite apps,
files, and folders to the favorites area. uBar 4 displays app
activity as well as CPU and memory usage within each app.
Finally, you can customize uBar 4 to your liking by changing
its orientation and the number of monitors you want it to
appear on.

Don’t just take our word for it; uBar 4 is trusted by employees
in Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more to emulate a Windows
taskbar experience on your Mac, and you can buy it from the
Macworld Shop for $15, or 50% off.

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