What to do when the Mac App Store says ‘Update Unavailable with This Apple ID’

The Mac App Store (MAS) registers downloaded apps—paid and
free—to the Apple ID associated with the store at the time of
download. Most people only ever log in with a single Apple ID
for app purchases or retrievals, and thus all apps installed on
their Macs remain correctly licensed to that Apple ID.

However, it’s possible even using a single Apple ID that you
will see an error when you attempt to update certain apps that
reads, “Update Unavailable with This Apple ID.” This seems to
happen commonly with Apple’s productivity apps: Pages, Numbers,
and Keynote.

The message goes on to say, “This update is not available for
this Apple ID either because it was bought by a different user
or the item was refunded or canceled.” If none of those
conditions are true, you may still see the error in some
readers’ (and my family’s) experience. (Why does this happen?
Apple hasn’t provided any insight.)

The solution is slightly annoying, but not onerous.

  1. Delete the apps in question from the Applications folder.
  2. Empty the trash.
  3. In the Mac App Store, make sure you are logged into the
    store using the Apple ID you routinely use for purchases by
    selecting Store.
  • If it shows your Apple ID in Show My Account, then you’re
  • If you’re not logged in, select Sign In.
  • If you’re logged into the wrong account, select Sign Out,
    and then Sign In.
  1. Re-download the apps that prompted the error. Pages,
    Numbers, and Keynote are free, so there shouldn’t be a new
    purchase or other dialog that appears.

Now, the next time updates appear for these apps, you should be
able to install them without going through this process again.

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