How to set offline access for Safari’s Reading List feature

Macworld reader Gavin, was on a cruise with his wife when she
asked him, an IT professional, for help getting Safari’s
Reading List to work offline, as they had no internet
connectivity. She’d saved articles to it to read later. (I
know: someone saved articles to read later and then actually
tried to read those articles later. It happens! Even to me

mac911 ios offline reading list setting

iOS prompts you when you first save an article to the
Reading List.

She wasn’t missing anything. Despite seemingly having all the
right settings enabled to sync her Reading List across all the
devices connected to her iCloud account, her marked items
didn’t show up and weren’t available. What gives?

Turns out, Safari for both macOS and iOS have a setting you may
never have noticed, since we so often have internet access (and
perhaps so rarely consult Reading List).

In Safari for macOS, choose Safari > Preferences
and then click Advanced. You can then check next to
the Reading List label Save Articles for Offline
. If that option isn’t checked, you can also view
the Reading List in the sidebar, right-click an item, and
choose Save Offline.

With iOS Safari, you navigate to Settings > Safari
and swipe down to the bottom, and then tap the switch to on for
Automatically Save Offline. If you have that option
disabled, which it is by default, you’re prompted the first
time you choose Add to Reading List from the Sharing
sheet whether or not to save items from then for offline
reading automatically.

mac911 offline reading list settings

Safari in macOS lets you mark a preference or select
articles one at a time for offline reading.

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