Meem review: Back up iOS devices while they charge with this unique cable


(available on Amazon for $47 (32GB), $61 (64GB), or $60 (128GB)), is a USB 2.0 charging
cable that includes cloud-free backup storage. Available for
iOS devices with a Lightning port or micro-USB for Android,
Meem offers 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB of flash memory built into one
end of a stylish green cable.

A small processor is also embedded into the 120.6 x 21.1 x
8.3-milimeter black barrel at the Lightning end. The larger
section of the cable is a little flexible, but be careful when
setting it on a table or kitchen counter, because Meem
protrudes about four inches from the device.

meem with coiled cableMeem

You’ll have to provide an AC power supply like the one shipped
with your iOS device, but Meem is otherwise ready to go. Plug
it in and your device begins charging at 5V, then launches the
free iOS companion app a few seconds later.

Meem: Automatic backup

meem iphone configure backup

iCloud Photo Library users may want to disable photos and
videos, which require downloading full-resolution content
prior to backup.

The Meem app backs up contacts, calendars, photos, videos, and
documents stored on up to three different iOS devices. It can’t
back up everything—messages, ringtones, and other file types
are off limits. The first time a device is connected you’ll
create a four-digit PIN code used to access or restore data.

The app is laid out in two columns, with attached device at
left and backups at right. Meem delays automatic backups 20
seconds, allowing users time to adjust settings by tapping a
device icon to select which content types are backed up. Manual
backup or restore can be done any time via drag and drop
between columns, while archive mode is used to retain items
from previous backups since deleted.

Meem is less ideal for iCloud Photo Library users with multiple
devices, since photos and videos must be downloaded before they
can be backed up. Even the 128GB model isn’t spacious enough
for this purpose, a problem that could be alleviated by using
removable storage in future models. There’s also a desktop app
offloading data to a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer.

Bottom line

Meem is a clever combination of device backup and charging in a
single product, but the lack of upgradeable storage is a
limitation for iCloud Photo Library users with a lot of photos
and videos.